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Why Alabama’s QB Change Might Just be the Playoff Masterstroke – Smart, but for a Dumb Reason

If there’s one thing I’ve missed about writing in this space, it’s the drama that only the Crimson Tide can brew. ‘Bama, fresh off the loss to Texas last week, has possibly made the change that was about 6 days and 6 hours too late.

The Internet is all ablaze with this piece from ESPN about Tyler Buchner being the new chosen one under center. On the surface, you might think it’s just a typical response to a loss. Shake things up, you know? But what if there’s more to it?

Choose your warrior. (Photo from ESPN/Getty)

Let’s venture into a world where Nick Saban is playing 4D chess while everyone else is figuring out checkers.

The college football playoff is still in its beauty contest mode, and it’s judged by a committee that sits in cushy armchairs. What if—just *what if*—Saban’s pulling a masterstroke here that’ll give Alabama an edge when it comes to playoff positioning?

So here’s your scenario: The QB change starts with Saturday’s game at South Florida, and Alabama wins out the rest of the season with Buchner leading the charge. When it comes selection time, the committee’s faced with this new, redefined Alabama team. It’s no longer the same team that had that early season blip against Texas. They can conveniently say, “Well, Bama hasn’t lost since they made the QB switch. They’re a different team altogether than they were September 8th.”

The loss to Texas? It becomes a distant memory, a small footnote in the grand narrative of ‘Bama’s season. This isn’t the team that lost to Texas; this is Tyler Buchner’s Alabama. Reborn. Reforged!

Now, despite my outbursts, I’m not an idiot. I do not actually believe this – it’s not like Alabama sits in their coaching meetings plotting how to bamboozle the playoff committee. But the reality is, if Bama does win out from here, this narrative emerges come Thanksgiving—whether intentionally set in motion or not.

Probably not the diabolical scheme I’m saying, but it’ll come back up. (Photo from Getty)

In this game of optics and perceptions, a QB switch post-loss is genius. It’s like saying, “We identified the problem, we addressed it, and we are the team that everyone thought we’d be preseason!” It reframes the story and gives the selection committee an easy out – a clear narrative to follow.

For the diehard Crimson Tide fans who’re reading this and thinking I’ve had one too many drinks: chill. This is just a fun theory, a wild card to throw in the mix. College football’s beauty lies in its unpredictability, its chaos, and its endless capacity for drama. And somehow someway, Alabama (and Saban) manages to find its way right at the heart of it all, every single time.

If you think about it, it’s kind of poetic. A team, rising from an early stumble, led by a fresh face, proving themselves all over again. Make a movie with Sandra Bullock about it.

Should it play out, is it enough to hoodwink the committee?

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