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Naked DFW Man. It Could Have Been Any of Us.

When I saw the social media post with the naked man walking around DFW, I had several thoughts.

  1. We’ve all been to that TGI Friday’s. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to force down some Loaded Southwest Potato Twists to carry me over to my connection in Denver. In 2007, I ate there more than my own apartment.
  2. Was his luggage lost, and this was his protest? It’s an honest question – and it’s been happening a lot.
  3. TSA took it all and wouldn’t give it back.
  4. He kind of has a European vibe to him, don’t you think? Not out of shape, but definitely not in shape, either. The way his arms swing, I don’t know, I have no problem visualizing him on a Croatian beach somewhere with a speedo and a cigarette.
  5. It is hot in Texas.
A man deep in his thoughts.

Of course, the Xverse (whatever we call it now) points to alcohol, and that’s for sure the leader in the clubhouse, particularly when the circumstances hold to you walking naked down the corridor of an international airport. It takes moxy, at the least. Can’t say the guy is bothered.

But is this man so different from any of us? Just consider throughout a day how close you actually are to being naked in a place that you don’t want to be naked. You’re almost always one broken door latch (or a shoddy bathroom stall door) from baring it all. A public pool and a handsy 2 year old grabs your top (seen that a time or two)…

The potential of a wardrobe malfunction surrounds us at all times. Think about it – it’s a numbers game. Naked DFW Man was bound to happen.

So I say we don’t jump to a judgement space – just maybe the guy is a rebel. A leader in the revolution against the weight of the world on our fully-clothed shoulders.

Kudos also goes to our video journalist on the scene. Clearly his female counterpart doesn’t want to stoke the ire of the beast, but our gonzo-journalist presses on. Even encourages the man, rewarded with a recognizing point back in his direction. Game recognizes game.

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